AgriEid Farm Management Software (All Modules included) :

Current Modules Include :

  • Livestock Management 
  • Market Sale and Farm Revenue  
  • Paddock Management inc stock rotation, spray, seed, fertilise, slash etc
  • Calendar with Reminders - add your annual livestock treatment plan
  • Medical Batch for Livestock Management
  • Chemical Batch for Paddock Management 
  • Chemical and Medical Cabinet (purchase records and cost inputs)
  • Rain Gauge with unlimited historical input
  • To-Do List with Expiry and Tasks
  • Machinery Service and Maintenance 
  • Android App with Sync to Cloud (use with no internet)

Next Release (Due in 2 months)

  • Farm cashflow (profit and loss) - revenue less basic cost inputs
  • iPhone App with Sync to Cloud (use with no internet)

An AgriEID record is a unique animal record based on a single visual and / or one electronic tag (EID).

For example if you have 25 breeding cows you would be fine with the Entry Level 100 Plan (LP100) as this will provide you with up to 100 unique animal records so you will be covered for several years of calving and adding additional new births and managing weaner's growth performance, medical records, paddock rotation, rain gauge etc

For more information on how the software works and video demo click here and here

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Pricing is in USD as per the above monthly plan details.